Aims and Scope

Journal of Applied Sociology is a quarterly journal, published in order to distribute original research accomplishments within the field of sociology, help finding social problems and solving them, and establishing active scientific relationships among researchers of the social sciences. The main acceptance criteria include: innovativeness, importance, integrity and applicability. Therefore, all papers which get accepted for publication are original research papers.

Applied papers with scientific, research-based content which intend to solve social problems are given priority. Papers based on fieldwork should be backed by theoretical analysis and interpretation. Likewise, theoretical papers, depending on the topic, should include scientific and applied aspects. It is necessary that papers will be organized, especially in introduction and conclusion, in such a way that the generality of the topic, its importance and place in scientific boundaries, and the motivations of authors are clearly explained and discussed.

Journal of Applied Sociology welcomes articles in the following areas:

  Social problems of city and metropolis

  Social and strategic entrepreneurship

  Social capital and knowledge creation

  Reference groups

 Sociology of Youngs

  Lifestyle and food security

  The sociology of the body and social identity

  Social alienation