Analysis on Citizenship Culture in the City of Isfahan


1 Sociology Department, the University of Isfahan

2 Socilogy Department, University of Kashan


AbstractBehavior of citizens and their quality of participation in the social activities is taken to account for one ofthe basic requirements of social capital and indication of being developed in the societies. Citizenshipculture and its key elements have been challenged through out the history of this concept by thinkers and theclear – sighted people who take interest in social problems and believe that civilization and progress ofhuman societies are related to the establishment of that culture and have been discussed and argued fromthe ancient era until now.Today , defining the amount of institutionalization of citizenship culture in order to define our situationin the development in the globalization back ground is urgent for achieving development indices.In this paper , after collecting data from surveying the city of Isfahan and historical study of citizenshipconcept , and by using different theories , the citizenship condition and its various dimension in the city andamong the people will be discussed.


Main Subjects