Study of the Occupying Women's Political Participation in Education Office, District


1 Political Science Department , Islamic Azad University of Shahreza

2 M.A. Student , Islamic Azad University of Shahreza


AbstractPolitical participation is informed and voluntary matter which is done directly in legal and peaceful waysto effect on decision-makings related to society management, and now political participation as a politicalmethod has special practical benefits that it's lack damages to political improvement and government's longtermgoals. Women have important role in political decision-makings as an effective group in participationand specially political participation. This investigation aiming at the study of the political participation ofoccupying women in education tries to find this group's participation and compare this participation extent inrespect of marriage state, age, educational period, work history, education level, education field, religiousbeliefs, family, awareness and political skill.Used tool in this investigation is established questionary that has been provided in two parts ofdemographic features and questions in form of 5-degrees likert form. Permanent coefficient of questionarywas estimated as 0/85.Occupying women in education office, district one, city of Shahrekord form the statistical society ofinvestigation, and their numbers are more than 815 persons and among them, a class proportional to volumenumber of 342 persons were chosen randomly.Statistical analysis showed that studied woman's participation in political activities is very intermediate,and occupying women in cultural jobs have dedicated most answer average to themselves in grounds such asparticipation in parliment elections, obtain the information and political news and participation in walking.But in special political participation, they were less than average.In this investigation it became clear that religious awareness and political skills are of important factorsin women's political participation, it is meant that in fact, as women's awareness and political skill increase,their political participation also increases. Educational document variable also is effective in studiedoccupying women's political participation. It is meant that as education document increases, politicalparticipation decreases.Occupying women in cultural jobs who have 51 years old and more and married persons and personswith income less than 200000 tomans have higher participation than others, but this difference is notmeaningful.No meaningful relation was found between occupying women's political participation and variablessuch as educational field, work history, educational period and their residency.


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