Review of Influential Factors in Social Bliss(Emphasis on Tehran Province)


1 Social sciences Department, Allameh Tabatabai University

2 M.S. Social Science


.AbstractThis research is on the identification of influential factors in social bliss(as one of social developmentparameters). The studies collective showed us the strengthening of social bliss in society is not due a unitarycause. But a collection of individual and beyond individual factors such as feeling of deprivation,satisfaction, needs, acceptance by others, fair justice, the public environment of society, economic and socialbase, in are influential in the increase and decrease of bliss among individuals of society. From themethodological aspects, this research was conducted in descriptive and analytical(solidarity) way, and for theunderstanding of the social bliss related factors the multi-variable solidarity and regression levels tests. Thestudy population included people aged between 15 and 65 residents in Tehran province, and the samplevolume of the research is 2000 people. The results from the composite of the headings on the feeling ofsocial bliss among the respondents indicates the feeling of bliss is low and very low among 18% of them,and 28% enjoy high levels of feeling of bliss. The findings show that the majority of the respondents only onaverage had a feeling of bliss(54%).The multi-variable regression indicates that initially the hope for the future variable has entered theequation. This variable could by itself determine 30% of the changes to the social bliss variables. With theentry of the next variable – fulfillment of emotional needs – on the regression model has added 15% to thedetermination multiplication, and the total determination multiplication is as a result of the existence of twovariables of hope for the future and fulfillment of emotional needs reaches ٤٧ percent. With the entry of thesocial acceptability variable to the regression model,66 % is added to the determination multiplication, whichin total the three hope for the future, fulfillment of emotional needs, and social acceptability have managed todetermine 537%of the changes in social bliss variable.


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