The Study of Effective Factors on Robbery among Youth in Kermanshah


1 تهران

2 Social Sciences Department, Tehran University

3 M. A of sociology


AbstractThis article is to study the effective social factors in teenager’s deviant behavior inKermanshah. The theoretical base of the research is deferential association, social control, relativedeprivation feeling and amomic situation of family, the methodology is casual comparative and theway of collecting data is by questionnaire. The statistical society includes2 groups: 1) experimentalgroup including teenager jobbers committing robbery in Kermanshah 2) control group including thestudents from 12-18 studying in Kermanshah the findings show that there is a significant diferencebetween the experimental group (robber) and control group (non jobber) based on family disruption,socioeconomic situation of family the range of social bond the range of relative deprvation feelingand the range of associationg with devianl people.


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