The survey of School Circumference Hygiene in Area 2 Arak City and that’s


Assistant Professor the University of Isfahan


AbstractThe main goal of present research study condition of school circumference hygiene and that’s conformitywith national standard like: security, workshop and laberatory, buffet, enclosure, w.c, w.b,…the methodresearch is description and cross sectional that to register category data with diverts observation and censusand complete enumeration. There are many research results:- 58.33 percent of population is fit for girls' school and 41.66 percent is fit for son.53.44 percent is highschool and 46.55 percent is middle school.12.12 percent is one time school and 87.87 percent is two timesschool.- According to dimensions and indicators school circumference hygiene standard, average conformity in thisresearch is 45.04 percent and arrangement that conformity from up to down average conformity is:- The condition of repulse of sewage and rubbish is 100 percent.- The condition of enclosure is 55.38.- The condition of workshop and laboratory is 43.95- The condition of W.C, W.B and drinking cup is 38.43- The condition of security is 37.37- The condition of class is 37.13- The condition of buffet is 3.04


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