A Survey of Relationship between Social Welfare and Social Capital In the City of Sanandaj, Iran



  Abstract   In this paper relationship between social welfare and its categories with social capital has been surveyed. Social capital is a material and nonmaterial of resources to which individuals can have sustainable relations. Social welfare includes main indexes: teaching, hygiene, nutrition, housing, employment, population, workforce, income, expenses and social security.   And it includes sub-indexes: leisure, environment and life-financial security. In this paper social capital includes social confidence, social solidarity and social commitment and social welfare includes: housing, teaching, hygiene, employment, income, leisure and population.   Theoretical framework of this paper including pervasive and high level of social welfare is related to high level of social capital. Hypotheses of the paper are relationship between social welfare – by means of its categories with social capital .Relationship between social welfare and social capital and relationship between leisure and social capital are proved.   


Main Subjects