The Rate of Women’s Social Capital in Boroujen and the Impact of Social Factors on it



       Abstract   Considering the importance of women’s social capital as a huge part of the society and their role in developing it, and with the aim of studying this capital and the effect of factors on it, the present lines have been written. The theoretical framework of this research is a combination of “Robert Putnam” “James coleman” “Pierre bourdieu”’ viewpoints and radical feminism from which 9 hypotheses were extracted to answer the main questions of the research. These hypotheses were tested through survey method. Along this method, and after the operational definition of the variables, a questionnaire was used whose “cronbach” alpha was equal to 0/89. The sample which was extracted by using “cohran” formula, consisted of 376 women. After distributing and gathering the questionnaires, the data was processed and analyzed by using descriptive statistics and bivariate regression, the extracted data was analyzed. The important results of this research are: -the rate of women’s social capital is 40/5 from the total 84, which is considered at an average level. The impact of following variables on the women’s social capital in the city of Boroujen is meaningful:   _Family’s social capital with 0/748 beta, Kinship’s social capital with 0/664 beta, Social class with 0/052 beta, Piety with 0/2 beta, Traditionalism with 0/235 beta, West orientation with-0/144 eta, Patriarchy with 0/113 beta.      


Main Subjects